Short Bio:

I was born and grew up in Iran. In the year 2000 I immigrated to Canada with my family.

I grew up in the land of antithesis and contradiction, a traditional way of living juxtaposed with a modern , western life style. These contradictions manifested themselves in the landscape surrounding me, as historical ruins were set against contemporary architecture and creating layers of change and transformation.

There was a deep meaning in these contrasts that heavily influenced my personal experience and artistic practice. Perhaps, in these particular elements I was looking to discover primordial roots of the conflicts in my cultural and social environment. Similarly, there are myths, histories and human beliefs that people in Iran and other places are trying to translate in this contemporary context.

As an artist, I was inspired by European Impressionism style at the beginning of my career, and then by expressionism and modern art. Today, I use a different combination of techniques and media including oil color, acrylic, gesso, wood and collage. Most of my recent works are mixed media and influenced by various strands of contemporary art.