About Sorour’s Studio

When I opened my first studio-gallery in my country of birth, Iran, in a new district of a very ancient city in a very old country, I never imagined that years later I would open a new studio in the old industrial district of Yaletown, in the modern city of Vancouver, in the relatively young country of Canada. 

As I have been painting in my new studio, I have experienced a very strong feeling of connection between various periods of my life. This feeling that for a long time has weighed on my mind and soul is constantly with me, and it seems that the Vancouver context has allowed me to better reflect on changes in my life and these connections to the past and present. 

In order to remember and reflect upon my transition to a new life, I have brought with myself some of my older paintings from Iran, which allow for a  dialogue – and even a dialectic – among my present works and past works.